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Privacy Notice


Ladybug House Pty Ltd’s (‘Ladybug House’) collection, use, disclosure and storage of  personal information is regulated by the Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth), the Australian  Privacy Principles and related legislation. 

The purpose of the Ladybug House Privacy Policy is to: 

  • Provide an understanding of the kinds of personal information that Ladybug House collects  and stores 
  • Explain how, when and for what reason personal information is collected, disclosed, used,  held and handled 
  • Provide information about how you may access your personal information and, if required,  how you may request information be corrected 
  • Explain how you may make a complaint, and how your complaint will be managed.

Policy Statement 

Ladybug House is committed to maintaining the privacy of all personal information collected  as part of the allied health services we offer. We place great importance on protecting the  privacy of our employees, clients, and customers.  

Personal information means all and any information or opinions about an identified  individual, or an individual who is reasonably identifiable, whether the information or  opinion is true or not, and whether the information or opinion is recorded in a material  form or not. Personal information includes name, date of birth / age, gender and contact details as well as health information. In this Privacy Policy, a reference to personal  information includes sensitive / health information. 

Collection of personal information 

Personal information collected by Ladybug House will usually fall into one of the following  categories: 

  • Contact information, including name, age, address, email address and telephone numbers 
  • Emergency contact information, including name, relationship status, contact details 
  • Commonwealth identifiers, for example National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)  reference number, Medicare number or Tax File Number 
  • Employment information, including employment history, work performance, emergency  contact details, absences and workplace incidents
  • Financial information, including bank account details and credit card details 
  • Sensitive information, which may include information about any disability, health condition, medical history, assessment questionnaires and outcomes, criminal history, religious beliefs, or cultural background 
  • With your consent, photos and video footage. 

Data Collection 

Ladybug House may collect personal information about: 

  • Employees 
  • Students 
  • Volunteers 
  • Contractors 
  • Clients 
  • Parents, guardians and/or carers of clients and other family members of clients (where  applicable) 
  • Teachers of clients 
  • External healthcare professionals, through the referral of clients to and from Ladybug House 
  • Third parties providing services to Ladybug House. 

We may collect information from you in a variety of ways including when: 

  • Ladybug House provides services to you or on your behalf 
  • You visit our website 
  • You contact us by any method, including but not limited to face-to-face, over the telephone,  through an online form, through a paper form, or by email. 

Sometimes personal information will be collected from a third party or a publicly available  source, for example where we have your consent, where we are required by law to do so, or  if it is unreasonable or impracticable to collect the personal information directly from you  (for example, checking a prospective employee’s work history, or obtaining client  information from a parent, guardian or carer (where applicable), or from referring and/or treating healthcare professionals).  

You may choose to deal with us anonymously or under a pseudonym where lawful and  practical. Where anonymity or the use of a pseudonym will render Ladybug House unable to  provide the relevant service or reasonably conduct business, we may request that you  identify yourself. 

You may also choose not to provide us with your personal information, however, we may be  unable to provide you with our services as a result. 

Where we are collecting personal information from a child or young person, we will use our  judgment to determine if that person has the capacity to consent. Where we are unsure,  we will seek consent from a parent, guardian or carer.

Why do we collect, use, disclose and store your personal information? 

We collect, use, disclose and store your personal information to provide you with our face to-face and telehealth services which include: 

  • Speech Pathology 
  • Occupational Therapy 
  • Small Group Programs 
  • Assessments

We may also collect, use, disclose and store personal information in the administration of  our services, including:  

  • Invoicing and processing any fees payable in relation to the services rendered 
  • Managing our relationship with you (including if you are a health professional, client, service provider, employee, contractor, student or volunteer) and to contact you for follow up  purposes 
  • With your consent, providing you with information about our services including our news  updates and information about events 
  • With your consent, for NDIS auditing purposes 
  • Verifying and updating personal information held by us 
  • Recruiting, managing, training and clinically supervising personnel (including employees,  contractors, students and volunteers) 
  • Reviewing, developing and improving our services, as well as our business, operational and  IT processes and systems 
  • Resolving any complaints and issues 
  • Complying with our legal or regulatory obligations 
  • For other purposes required or authorised by or under law, including purposes for which you  have provided your express or implied consent. 

You may opt out of receiving marketing information by emailing admin@ladybughouse.com.au. If you opt out of receiving marketing information, we may still contact you in connection with the services we provide to you, such as for appointment reminders and follow-ups. 

Protecting and storing your personal information 

Ladybug House understands the importance of keeping personal information secure. Some  of the ways we do this are: 

  • Requiring employees and contractors to enter into confidentiality agreements 
  • Securing hard copy document storage (i.e. storing hard copy documents in locked filing cabinets) 
  • Implementing security measures for access to computer systems to protect information from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure and loss, misuse and interference.
  • Ensuring data storage devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones are password  protected 
  • Providing discreet environments for confidential discussions 
  • Implementing security protocols for our website

Personal information may be stored in hard copy format but will generally be stored  electronically on our software or systems. 

We will take reasonable steps to ensure that personal information that is held which is no  longer required, including under any contractual or legal requirement, is destroyed or deidentified in a secure manner. 

Who may we disclose your personal information to? 

In order to carry out our services, Ladybug House may disclose your personal information to third party suppliers or contractors such as cloud computing technology and data storage  service providers, legal services providers, insurance brokers, security service providers, and  financial service providers. 

We may also disclose your personal information to government agencies, private sector  organisations or other entities where required or permitted by law, which may include the  following circumstances: 

  • You have consented to such disclosure 
  • We believe that you would reasonably expect, or have been told, that information of that  kind is usually passed to those individuals, bodies or agencies, and it is being disclosed for a  purpose related (or directly related, in the case of sensitive information) to the reason we  collected the information 
  • We are required or authorised to make such disclosure by law or the requirements of any professional bodies, including where we are required to do so in accordance with child  safety obligations 
  • A permitted general situation or permitted health situation (as these terms are defined in  the Privacy Act) exists in relation to the disclosure 
  • We believe it is reasonably necessary for enforcement related activities conducted by, or on  behalf of, an enforcement body (e.g. police, ASIC, Immigration Department). 

The persons and organisations which Ladybug House may disclose your personal  information to will handle your personal information in accordance with their privacy  policies. 

Will my personal information be disclosed overseas? 

The persons to whom we disclose personal information are normally located in Australia,  although personal information related to our staff and for our marketing activities may be  disclosed to recipients outside Australia. We may also use data hosting and cloud based  service providers whose operations are located overseas. In all instances where this occurs,  we will act in accordance with the Privacy Act and the ladybug House Privacy Policy. 


We may use your personal information to contact you (including by telephone call, SMS or email) in relation to services we think may be of interest to you. We may also market our services to you through third-party channels (such as social networking sites or digital  advertising). 

You may opt-out of receiving some or all direct marketing by emailing  admin@ladybughouse.com.au 

How can I access or correct my personal information? 

You may seek access to or correct the personal information Ladybug House holds about you by emailing admin@ladybughouse.com.au 

Ladybug House will provide you with access to your personal information if practical, and  will take reasonable steps to amend any personal information about you which is inaccurate  or out of date. In some circumstances and in accordance with applicable privacy laws, we  may not permit you access to your personal information, or may refuse to correct your  personal information, in which case we will provide you with written reasons for the  decision and the mechanisms available to complain about the refusal. 

If we do not agree to make a correction to personal information, you may provide a  statement about the requested corrections, and we will ensure that the statement is  apparent to any users of the relevant personal information. 

How do we handle complaints? 

If you have any concerns or complaints about the way your personal information has been collected or handled by Ladybug House, please advise us of your concern or complaint in  writing by contacting admin@ladybughouse.com.au or via mail to Ladybug House, 158-160  Milleara Road, Keilor East, VIC 3033. 

Ladybug House will use best endeavors to:  

  • Confirm receipt of any correspondence within 5 business days 
  • Investigate any complaint within 28 business days 
  • To resolve any complaint to your satisfaction

If, however, you are unhappy with our response, you may contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner and/or the relevant privacy regulator in your  State/Territory who may investigate your complaint further. 


Please direct any questions regarding the Ladybug House Privacy Policy to admin@ladybughouse.com.au