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Help Your Child Learn, Grow and Excel

We’re your child’s development partner and your parenting ally.

“Even her teachers have commented on how well she now speaks! Highly Recommend”

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How We Help

At Ladybug House, we are more than therapists; we are partners in your child’s development and your guides in parenting. We specialize in Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy, aiming to empower your child with communication skills and support their overall development, while also providing you with the knowledge and strategies to assist them effectively.

Why Choose Ladybug House?


No Waitlists

Bypass long waits and gain swift access to our services, ensuring your child receives timely support and intervention when it’s most needed.
tailored to you child

Tailored To Your Child

Each child is different and we pride ourselves on offering services that are tailored to your child’s unique needs and focused on involving and educating the family, fostering a supportive and understanding environment.

family owned run

Family-Owned and Run

As a family business, we bring a personal touch, empathy, and a deeper understanding to our services, focusing on building long-lasting relationships and providing care that feels like family.

Feedback From Parents

maria may
maria may
Maria and Renato provide a phenomenal service in reception and the therapists are amazing. Both my kids enjoy their speech and OT appointments. Im so glad I chose ladybug house. Thanks for all your help.
Bahareh Faraji
Bahareh Faraji
Amazing people & professional service, thank you
Cassandra Daley
Cassandra Daley
From the moment I called the Ladybug House I was confident I was receiving a prompt solution to my request for earliest available appointment for my Son. I felt at ease and completely comfortable to put my trust in their professionals and recommendations. They made the assessment process as easy as ever possible and can't Thank them enough for the improvements I have seen in his development.
Thank you very much for helping our daughter with her speech. Maria was very caring and friendly, and made everything easy to understand, not only for myself, but for our daughter as well (It’s nice to go somewhere where you feel welcome and your kids are actually happy to be there). Our daughter’s speech quickly improved from the first time we went to Ladybug House. Even her teachers have commented on how well she now speaks. I would highly recommend you to anyone. Thanks again.
Jodie S
Jodie S
From the moment I first called to make my initial appointment to see a speech pathologist I knew I'd made the right decision to put my trust in Ladybug House to help my 3 yo son overcome a stutter. Another provider on the Coast was a lot more expensive and said that you get a 'Full Report' after the assessment. Ladybug House explained that they would provide all the assessment results without the additional expense of a written report. My son is very articulate however at around 3 years and a few months he began stuttering. Over the next 6 months I repeatedly questioned my GP about what we should do and he repeatedly told me either 'he'll grow out of it' or 'he's just putting it on to get attention'. I'm an experienced Registered Nurse and the 'wait and see' approach just didn't sit well with me. I looked into stuttering myself and found that it was now best practice to intervene while children were in preschool . Alecia, my son's speech pathologist or his 'Stuck words Doctor' as he calls her is absolutely fantastic. She is friendly and knowledgeable and helped me overcome my fear that it was something I or my husband had done that caused my son to stutter. She explained what we needed to do in simple terms but comprehensive enough to fulfil my need to understand as an RN whose a mum too. We are working through the steps and my son has improved. Alecia has also given me guidance and support over the phone when I was having difficulty attributing a severity score to my son's stutter from day to day. We are in the early days of treatment but from what I can see it will take team work. My son and I are lucky to have Alecia and the team at Ladybug House on our side.

Our Process


Initial Contact

Reach out to us via the form below or phone call or email to discuss your concerns and needs.


Information Sharing

Receive detailed information about our services, availability, and any other inquiries you might have.


Online Intake Form

Complete our simplified online intake form to provide us with necessary details about your child’s requirements.


Appointment Scheduling

Once the form is received, we’ll contact you to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Friendly Team

Our Story

Ladybug House is not just a therapy center; it’s a vision realized out of love, understanding, and a deep desire to make a difference. Founded by Maria Guzzardi, a dedicated Paediatric Speech Pathologist, Ladybug House was born from a vision developed over 20 years ago to create a space where children and families feel understood, supported, and empowered.

Officially opened in 2013, Ladybug House stands as a testament to Maria and her partner’s commitment to providing empathetic and specialized care to children. As a family-run business, we understand the emotional roller coaster families go through and the complexities in child healthcare services. We strive to simplify this journey, providing clear and concise information and building long-lasting relationships with the families we serve, offering care that truly feels like family.


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