Social Skills Groups

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Who are the social skills groups suitable for?

Social Skills groups groups are aimed at children who have social, emotional, language and cognitive difficulties. Children are grouped together of similar age and language level. Children with language delays or disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder, attention difficulties or anxiety can display difficulties with social development. 

What age do you run groups for?

Ladybug House offers a range of groups for pre-school children aged 3-5 years throughout the year and for children aged 5 -7 years of age during the school holidays . Groups are run in a multi disciplinary approach.

What skill areas are worked on?


Our group programs aim to help develop skills in the following areas:
-    Following verbal instructions
-    Greetings
-    Turn taking
-    Asking for help
-    Initiating a conversation
-    Co-operation and working in a team
-    Negotiation
-    Winning and coping with losing
-    Problem solving
-    Topic maintenance
-    Awareness and understanding of emotional literacy
-    Understanding friendships & making friends

Our clinicians plan structured and unstructured activities to meet the needs of all children. We incorporate the use of the Social Thinking® framework, the Zones of Regulation® and the Superflex® program.  

Ladybug House social skills overview

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