Psychology and Counselling

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How do Psychologists help Children and Parents?

Psychologists are experts in the ways children think and behave. They are able to provide parents counselling and advice on how to best deal with difficult and challenging behavior. They base their advice predominantly on evidence accumulated through robust research. Our areas of expertise include:


Our Psychologists are also parents themselves and are able to better relate their knowledge to your experience.  Psychologists work in many different areas and can help children find better ways of coping or managing parts of their lives as well as coaching parents on strategies to deal with difficult behaviors. They help children improve performance, health and learning. They also coach parents in techniques to aid parenting as well as coping with the impact of their child's behaviors on themselves. Psychologists don’t prescribe medications to help children or parents feel better. They work on changing thoughts, behaviour and emotions using different therapies and approaches.

Our approach

We try our best to get the time and day you want. Our locations are designed to make the child feel like they are at home and not at a clinic. We find that they love the fun environment and coming back is never an issue. We deliver therapy and assessments that are based on scientific evidence. Our Therapists are parents themselves and understand what you are going through and endeavor to make you feel as comfortable as possible. In the first appointment you are welcome to bring your child with you. All our psychologists are highly qualified and experienced. To book in for an appointment, no referral is necessary. However you may be entitled to a rebate and getting a GP's referral will help you do that.

Why you or your child might want to see a Psychologist?

You’re most likely to see a psychologist if you or your child needs:

  • counselling to help with life’s problems including parenting, grief, trauma or relationship issues

  • your child is being bullied at school

  • educational and developmental support to help with learning difficulties, disorders like ADHD and difficult behaviour, or with developing social skills

  • help to deal with mental health problems like childhood depression, teenage depression, childhood anxiety, teenage anxiety and teenage stress

  • help parents deal with split families, divorce and the guilt our children sometimes make us feel.