Reading and Writing Foundations

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Do you want to support your child to develop the foundations required for reading and writing?

Do you think your child could benefit from joining a small group tailored for children in the formative years before commencing school run by qualified Speech Pathologists?

Our early literacy program is designed to set children up for reading success and to foster a positive association to learning through song, play and movement…. and it’s fun! 

Speech Pathologists involved at this time of a child’s development is critical so any difficulties with literacy competency can be identified and targeted early by experts in language assessment and intervention. 

Why Speech Therapists for literacy and not Teachers/Tutors?

The key difference between a Speech Pathologist and a Teacher providing reading and writing foundations is that Speech Pathologist are specialist health professionals and understand how the brain develops and how it relates to reading, comprehension, writing and communicating. They will be able to identify the cause of a literacy problem and take steps to rectify it or refer you to other specialist health professionals.

The groups aims are:

  • build letter sound links (phonics) through explicit instruction
  • gain phonological awareness skills critical for reading ability (being able to manipulate the sound units heard in words)
  • Develop fine motor skills required for handwriting, cutting and pasting ready for school
  • Increase self-esteem and confidence in a small group setting
  • Practise turn taking and following directions

Each child is provided with a workbook where they can add worksheets and activities from the session to take with them to consolidate their learning at home. Overall group feedback is provided to parents in the last 10 minutes of the group in addition to individual observations on their progress. Groups run for 60 minutes.

The groups are ideally suited to pre-school children between 3-5 years old. The program runs over a 6 week program.

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