What's your name little guy?

Ladybug House will be welcoming its newest member to the family, a Labrador puppy, in about 5 weeks. He is just on four weeks old when we took this photo. We are going to do our best to train him up as a Therapy Dog and he will be an integral part of the team in providing a warm and welcoming family environment at Ladybug House. We need your help in naming him and have on offer a few rewards for the best names. Complete the form below to help us name him. If your suggested name makes it to the best three you win a mystery prize!  We need your name suggestion by May 31.

The Labrador puppy comes from our friends at  Sohali Spirit near Ocean Grove. They are loving and caring people who love what they do and we have been blessed to be able to take on one of their puppies. Check out their Facebook page here.

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