Is a home based program the best ABA therapy for your child?

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is an evidence based set of principles that can be used for teaching any child with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

An ABA home-based system can be set up in many different ways. Some parents choose to outsource the day to day running of their program to therapists. However, others choose intense involvement in the management and running of their child’s ABA program and seek to provide direct therapeutic treatment to their child.

Research has shown that parental involvement is imperative to treatment success.  Parents are indispensable in their child’s program. They play a necessary and critical role.  Studies show that children whose parents are actively engaged in the process make measurable gains.  There are a number of reasons for this.  First, no one knows the child better than the parent; the parents provide critical and insightful information that will help guide the ABA program. Second, parents are able to continue to prompt and reinforce the child through his or her various daily activities - an essential component to generalizing skills. Finally, parents typically spend the most time with their child and those parents trained in behaviour interventions are in an advantageous position to be able to maximise their child’s learning rate and skill development.

Sandra's approach is different to most. She creates and supervises your home-based ABA program.   During an initial assessment Sandra will identify the unique strengths and needs of your child, and will write an ABA program individually tailored to your child. She will train parents in their child’s individualised program and will support them in behaviour management.  She will teach parents effective and efficient ways of interacting with their child.  This will allow you to incorporate ABA throughout your day to promote language, social skills, positive behavior, or any skills your child is working on. Sandra will provide ongoing monitoring and use feedback from the parents to adapt the ABA program to meet the child’s continuing need as he or she grows, changes and acquires more skills.  She will create your child’s ongoing program and goals, monitor the effectiveness of the program, and provide ongoing supervision and training for the parents. 

Setting up an ABA program can be expensive. Being trained to act as your child’s therapist will allow you to conduct as much of your child’s ABA teaching sessions that you can handle.  This will provide financial benefits and make it more economical to set up and maintain an ABA program. 

For more information on ABA or to discuss setting up a home- based program, contact Sandra through Ladybug House or directly on 0411 409 749.

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