What is ABA Therapy? - Part 3 - The Research

In this final part of the series, I'll briefly discuss the science.

The effectiveness of ABA-based interventions for children with autism has been well documented.  There is a wealth of validated and peer-reviewed studies supporting the efficacy of ABA methods to improve and sustain socially significant behaviours in every domain in individuals with autism. Importantly, results reported include “meaningful” outcomes such as increased social skills, communication skills academic performance, and overall cognitive functioning. These reflect clinically significant quality of life improvements. While studies varied as to the magnitude of gains, all have demonstrated long-term retention of gains made.  The most influential and widely cited review of the literature regarding efficacy of treatments for Autism is the National Research Council's book Educating Children with Autism (2001) which concluded that ABA was the best research supported and most effective treatment for the main characteristics of autism.

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