Self Esteem in Children

Ladybug House is a  fan of the The Raising Children's Network website. It's a great resource which we feature on our blog from time to time.  They have a great piece on self-esteem in children, which I wish my parents new about when I was young, it may well have been life changing. The main headlines are detailed below, however click through the link at the bottom of this piece to see the full article.

What is Self-esteem?
Self-esteem is about liking yourself and who you are. For children, it comes from knowing that you’re loved and that you belong to a family that values you.

Newborns and very young babies don’t see themselves as being their own person. This means they don’t really have self-esteem.

Toddlers are beginning to develop an understanding of themselves, what they can do and what makes them who they are.

By around three years, your child will realise that her body and her mind belong to her. Most children can cope with some time away from you by now, because they feel safe and loved. At this age, they often like to compare themselves with others, and will ask if they are the biggest, fastest or best at whatever they’re doing

Primary school-age children
At school, children might compare themselves with their friends and classmates. This can put a dent in their self-esteem. They might feel less capable than others for the first time. New rules and learning new things can be a challenge for some children.

Looking after your own self-esteem
When it comes to your wellbeing, keep in mind that children learn a lot about self-esteem by watching their parents.

To learn more and find some great tips see the full article here

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