How do I get my partner to accept our child's Autism diagnosis?

It's a common question that I hear at Ladybug House; my partner will not accept the Autism diagnosis what do I do? I hear (and feel) the effort that one parent takes on and it becomes extremely frustrating, especially when a 'whole of family' approach is required. It's a long journey if you do it on your own. We don't have an answer that will suit all parents. The best I could find from a research perspective was an article which touches on the subject here. It discusses some key points and dispels the myth about high divorce rates for couples who have a child on the spectrum. It also highlights another study that found mothers stress levels are higher than their partners but the partners still experience significant levels of stress. If you go to the 3rd page of the article you will find some tips on what parents want from each other on the journey, certainly a conversation starter with your partner.

What I'm really interested in is to hear from parents who are experiencing or have overcome the challenge of sharing the journey. Any insights or lived experiences would be helpful for others. Can anyone contribute? I'm also interested to hear from Grandparents as well.

Renato UlpianoComment