Children, blended families and conflict.

Managing family relationships is difficult at the best of times. It becomes even more challenging when parents are no longer together. As adults we often forget the impact we have on our children during disagreements. I found a useful resource for both parents on the  website which includes a video. The full resource can be found here, but I really wanted to highlight the impact you may have on your child, so i have  reproduced an exert below....

If you’re going through a relationship breakdown or post-separation phase with a lot of fighting – and even swearing, name-calling, manipulation and abuse – it’s likely to cause distress and difficulties for your child. If your child is around these arguments too often, he might become quiet and withdrawn, stop trying new things, feel overwhelmed or act out at child care, kinder or school.

Children should never have to take sides between parents. Your child wants to love both of you. When there’s serious conflict she might feel stressed if she thinks she has to choose one of you. She might also be worried that you won’t like her if she shows love for her other parent.

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