Apps for Fine Motor & Handwriting Skills

I think it's great when parents are able to share ipad apps that work really well for their children. Maria, a parent that comes to LBH,  was kind enough to recommend a couple of apps that relate to handwriting for children. The apps are listed below. If you have any other apps that you would recommend for your children drop me an email  at

The first app is Dexteria - Fine Motor Skill Development by BinaryLabs, Inc.  The crab pinching game is great and it aims to improve the pincer grip and assist with hand writing.

The second one is called School Writing – Learn to write and more. by Demografix Pty Ltd . It gives some positive feedback when they have attempted to correctly form the letters. It’s the only app Maria has  been able to find using the Victorian Modern Cursive style which is currently taught in classrooms.


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