Autism Research - Very early intervention

We are always on the look out for new research on Autism. I found this article through searching google scholar.  The journal is titled Journal of Autism and Development Disorders. There is some evidence that very early intervention is beneficial for social-communicative and development skills.  See the full article reference below and a summary. 

Feasibility and Effectiveness of Very Early Intervention for Infants At-Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Systematic Review. 

Bradshaw, J., A. M. Steiner, G. Gengoux and L. K. Koegel 2014

Journal Of Autism And Developmental Disorders.

Early detection methods for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in infancy are rapidly advancing, yet the development of interventions for infants under two years with or at-risk for ASD remains limited. In order to guide research and practice, this paper systematically reviewed studies investigating interventions for infants under 24 months with or at-risk for ASD. Nine studies were identified and evaluated for: (a) participants, (b) intervention approach (c) experimental design, and (d) outcomes. Studies that collected parent measures reported positive findings for parent acceptability, satisfaction, and improvement in parent implementation of treatment. Infant gains in social-communicative and developmental skills were observed following intervention in most of the reviewed studies, while comparisons with treatment-as-usual control groups elucidate the need for further research. These studies highlight the feasibility of very early intervention and provide preliminary evidence that intervention for at-risk infants may be beneficial for infants and parents.