Autism Assessments

The tool we use for classifying Autism is called the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS-2). One symptom of autism is when your child makes little eye contact with others and usually won’t copy other people’s actions, like clapping or waving. Learn more about the symptoms and how the assessment works. If you want specific information on Asperger's see it here.

Cognitive Assessments

Cognitive Assessments are also referred to as IQ tests. In order for your child to continue to develop and learn, a cognitive assessment is helpful to identify the areas of strengths and weaknesses that they may be experiencing. Learn more about what is covered in a Cognitive Assessment.

Speech and Language Assessments

Speech refers to the way a child pronounces words. Language is broken up into two area, receptive and express language. Receptive language is a child's ability to understand and process spoken or written language. Expressive language is a child's ability to express themselves and get their meaning across through speaking or writing. Learn more about the symptoms to look out for and what assessments we use.